Ruth IRL:
Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebration

Destigmatize the conversation around Menstruation
May 28 | GTA | Edmonton | Vancouver
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Ruth is coming to a city near you for Menstrual Hygiene Day!

Have you ever felt shame, guilt or confusion around your period? Let’s talk, IRL!

In honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) on Sat. May 28th, we are launching a campaign that destigmatizes the conversation of menstruation & educates people about the importance of sustainable period care. At Ruth, we're passionate about making sustainable periods easy, building a strong, and trusting community that cares while destimagtizing period talks.

We are so excited to meet you all in person!

You won’t want to miss Ruth IRL to celebrate MH Day - we’ve got giveaways, activities, chances to win exciting prizes, be a part of the conversation, have your voice heard, meet the Ruth team and more!

The Pop Line Up
Patagonia Downtown Toronto @ 12-4 PM EST
Central Social Hall on Jasper Ave @ 12-3 PM MST
Saje Wellness at Lonsdale Quay Market @ 12-4 PM

Free Samples at:
Remedy Cafe on Whyte Ave. & on 124th | Good Goods Co

The Garden Strathcona | Pharmasave in Surrey

Lip Labs by Bite Beauty

Mark Your Calendars - May 28th.

Live Stream (IG)

Talk about periods and sustainability with people who care about you

Be Empowered & Inspired

Participate in a fun event with giveaways and prizes

Want to join the period party?

Thank you to our partners!