Ruth Update!

After much thought, we have made the difficult decision to close down Ruth.

But we're excited to hand our mission over to joni!

Taking into consideration all of the business and personal factors, we believe that this decision was the best outcome. 

joni is a Canadian brand on a mission to make #periodequity sustainable and accessible.

We trust in joni's dedication to quality and making a difference. Together, we strive for better period care!

Organic, biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals, joni pads and tampons are soft, non-irritating, and they work! Find them online at or at 500+ retailers across Canada. 

Check out joni!

We’ve helped make sustainable periods accessible across Canada


Pads donated


Kilograms of plastics diverted

Thank you for joining our fight to reduce period poverty nationally. Each box of Ruth pads has helped to support our commitment to donate menstrual products to shelters and organizations across Canada.