Frequently Asked Questions

The name Ruth is special to us because we wanted to pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a powerful role model who fought for social justice, equality, and female empowerment. We, at Ruth, are ruthlessly fighting with you to save the Earth one sustainable product at a time.

Our pads are manufactured in India in accordance with fair manufacturing practices - which includes fair wages and safe working conditions for employees. We use carbon-neutral shipping to transport our products to Canada.

The products are not certified compostable yet and though the pads are 93% bio-based, the pad wrapper is still made from plastic. From reaching out to industrial compost facilities across Canada, we found out that they are reluctant to receive sanitary pads, given that they mainly accept food and yard waste. We are constantly working on developing our pads and are aiming for 100% home compostable pad and packaging though!

During our beta-testing phase, we had some beta-testers try out pads with a compostable wrapper, but they experienced trouble opening the pad and it was ripping open strangely, even breaking apart when it was in people's bags. We decided to prioritize the functionality of the pad wrappers over their compostability, but we are working towards a 100% biodegradable pad & packaging.

Very true! But plastic in traditional menstrual pads has a production process that can still be harmful to the environment based on the petrochemicals used. Ruth pads are made from 93% renewable materials, which are actually beneficial to the environment to produce. Kenaf fibre is good for soil health and used by farmers as a rotational crop.

Ruth pads are made from 93% plant-based materials, including bamboo fibre, kenaf fibre, and starch based bioplastic. Please note that there may be some discolouration in the pads due to the natural fibres used.