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Kamy vee
Not sanitary at all

There was literal sand inside the pads disgusting don’t feel safe using them… So little brown spot inside of multiple pads decided to open all of them up they all have little grains of sand and little hairs in them as well clearly these are not actually sanitary disgusting I don’t know what’s in there

Hi Kamy,

We're so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with the pads! As we mentioned in the email to you, there are likely some of the superabsorbent polymers from the inside of the pad that may have leaked out onto the top of the pad. The fibres that you see are kenaf and cellulose fibres. A replacement pack has been shipped to you.

Fatima Rodrigues
These Pads are Genius!

I LOVE these pads. I know it sounds silly; someone can't LOVE menstrual pads. BUT I DO! When I receive my shipment every other month, I'm filled with a sort of satisfaction that I can't explain. I'm happy I didn't have to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up overpriced feminine products that I am not proud to use, and I saved some time and gas in the process. Plus, the best part is that these are much more sustainable than the rest. They are very absorbent, and the sizes are perfect for me. Thank goodness for Ruth!!

Maria Jose Perez
excellent product

I love my ruth pads! They're super comfortable and absorbent.

Favourite pads!

I've used a menstrual cup for years but after recently having to switch back to pads I was having trouble finding a good product and I'm so glad a co-worker introduced me to Ruth! They are so soft and much more comfortable down there than other pads made of synthetic materials I've tried over the past few months, and the absorbency is good as well. Will definitely be buying these from now on!

Super convenient

A great way to get everything I need for the month!