Sustainable Periods

Unlike many other disposable menstrual products, the backsheet of Ruth Pads don’t contain harmful plastic and are able to biodegrade safely into the environment.

Help us keep our earth healthy by choosing pads made from plants.

Made with Renewable Materials

Kenaf Fibre

Renewable plant source that is beneficial for farmers to use, as it increases soil health!

Starch-based Bioplastic

Renewable materials that require less greenhouse gas emissions to produce than regular plastic (polyethylene and polypropylene).

Key Product Features


Most disposable menstrual products can take up to 800 years to degrade. Ruth Pads are different. Our pads biodegrade in only one year without leaving behind any harmful microplastics. Say goodbye to menstrual products that are harmful to the environment, and hello to sustainable Ruth Pads.


Unlike other sustainable menstrual options, Ruth Pads are completely disposable. You’ll never have to worry about washing your menstrual products again with our sustainable pads. Convenient for eco-conscious menstruators on the go or too busy to wash reusable items. Sustainability is easy with Ruth Pads.

Renewable materials

Our pads are made from natural materials including kenaf fibre, wood pulp, and a corn-based waterproof backing layer. Ruth Pads are free from harmful plastics, allowing you to have a safe, environmentally friendly period.


Breathable and irritation-free, Ruth Pads are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. The highly absorbent layers will keep you feeling dry and secure throughout your period. Our beta-testers rated comfort at 83% and some said that our pads are so comfortable, they forgot they were wearing it.

The Breakdown

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