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Let's talk about periods.

What is MH Day?

Today, millions of women, girls*, and menstruators around the world are stigmatized, excluded and discriminated against simply because they menstruate. It’s not acceptable that because of a natural bodily function women and girls continue to be prevented from getting an education, earning an income and fully and equally participating in everyday life.

While Menstrual Hygiene (MH) Day is on 28 May, the MH Day organization works all year-round to:

- Break the taboos and end the stigma surrounding menstruation

- Raise awareness about the challenges regarding access to menstrual products, education about menstruation and period-friendly sanitation facilities

- Mobilize the funding required for action at scale

All of this contributes to our overarching goal: to build a world where no one is held back because they menstruate by 2030.

*We recognize that not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman and that not all women menstruate

Ruth is an official partner of the MH Day Organization

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Why is Ruth celebrating MH Day?

In honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day on Sat. May 28th, we are launching a campaign that destigmatizes the conversation of menstruation & educates people about the importance of sustainable period care.

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