Ruth Celebrates Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Samah Ahmed

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth Day was first established in the year 1970; it is now a global movement celebrated across more than 193 countries by over a billion of the human population! In this blog, there will be some information regarding interesting facts about Earth Day, environmental crises as well as how different countries and organizations like Ruth are doing their part to help. 




Why is Earth Day Celebrated on April 22nd?

You may have wondered how the 22nd of April became the official date for earth day, interestingly, it was selected because the date falls between spring break and finals. The idea of the date was proposed by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, an American politician and environmentalist from Wisconsin. Also, the date was inspired from the observance of Arbor Day, a celebration in Nebraska where individuals are encouraged to plant trees! It was a great way to bring many people fighting for various environmental issues together to form a stronger union. 




What’s Being Done with our Current Environmental Crises?

There are currently many environmental crises occurring simultaneously and the outcomes are becoming more prevalent. Pollution, global warming, deforestation, public health issues, and the list continues. 

The problem stems from our continued development of unsustainable and destructive practices that are in direct conflict with our environment. The most detrimental effect comes from our reliance on unsustainable products. That is why here at Ruth, our vision encompasses, amongst others, an environmental aspect to provide easily accessible and environmentally friendly menstrual products. 

The United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP) held a summit in 2017 in which environmental ministers from around the globe were invited to produce a resolution for a pollution free planet. In doing so, governments world-wide had accepted this resolution and are working towards improving air, soil and water qualities. The environmental assembly have taken things a step further by creating an Implementation  passed in 2018 to help accelerate these actions.


How is Earth day Celebrated Around the World?

Canada- Major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa participate in parades and educational summits

United States- Rallies and March-ins as well as training sessions to educate and raise awareness

Great Britain- London holds an earth day celebration that raises money for British charity groups fighting climate change

India- In India, participants in earth day activities dress in green and hosts events that encourage protecting endangered species such as the asian elephant

South Africa- South Africa hosts an Earth Expo, which presents educational forums on sustainable technology, fashion and entrepreneurship

Philippines- In this part of the world, marathons are done to feature earth day celebrations 

Japan- Earth day is a two day event held in Tokyo whereby families can participate in many activities and learn about companies that encourage sustainability



How is Ruth Investing in our Planet?

Ruth is a company that encourages sustainability, and as such, earth day is a big part of our vision! Our pads are 93% bio-based and are currently working towards increasing that to 100%. They are made with Kenaf fibre, which is known to be good for soil health and is commonly used by farmers. We also use carbon-neutral shipping to ensure that our products are Ruthlessly Sustainable! 

Aside form products, we are also hosted an event in honour of earth day to showcase tips and tricks on how you can make your everyday greener! 

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